•March 13, 2007 • 6 Comments

Onething Sacramento in coming in just a few short days and I am really trying to prepare my heart for this time. I know it’s going to be awesome and I really want to postion my heart to receive all that God has for me. It is a really fun time for sure because I have a lot of friends coming out form KC that are leading the conference. I am especially excited to see some of my closest friends Marcus, Tim and Shawn who are in Merchant Band. They are truly awesome and amazing men of God. I hope that we get to have some good hang time while they are here.
I suppose that even more so that wanting God to do something in my heart I am longing for God to continue to stir up the hearts of people in this region. That the church of Sacramento would truly be awakended to the destiny God is calling us to. I desire true change on the inside that provokes people to live differently.
I think that this is a very strategic time for this region and city. I know that God has great things for this land. We have to respond to the call though!


My Brother

•March 2, 2007 • 1 Comment

So my brother and his wife who live in Manhattan, NY are pregnant with triplets. Wow what a task? They just found out the other day that they are going to be having 2 girls and a boy. Pretty amazing huh? So far everything is looking great and the babies are healthy and wonderful. My brother is a great guy who I look up to for sure. He just started school again going for his Master’s degree in business at Columbia University. He had just quit his job to start school when they found out they were pregnant with the triplets. They are both handling this very well and really trying to figure out the best thing to do to plan ahead and get ready for a major life change and transition. So they decided to have Carrington (his wife) move out west to Portland to stay with our parents. She will have a lot more help and support out there than if she stayed in NY. It was a very tough decision because this means that they will be a part from each other for the rest of the pregnency and beyond when the babies are born. It’s a pretty big deal. We are going to be praying that Carrington carries these babies as long as possible because we don’t want them born too early. Hopefully she can carry them for like 33 to 35 weeks. We will be praying for the Lord to have favor on her pregency and keep those babies safe and protected.
So my brother will make trips out west to visit on weekends every couple weeks.
I am excited however to be an instant uncle of 3. I am hoping to make a trip out to NY to hang with my bro for a weekend while his wife is away on the west coast. We’ll see!

A new convert!

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So my wife Havilah has finally seen the light and asked Mac into her heart. Just kidding. But she did she the light and make the big move from her PC to a brand new awesome Macbook. (Shown above) This has been a long time coming and I am so glad that her and I are finally in unity together as a married couple. This has been the biggest issue in our marriage thus far. Ha! kidding again. Let’s just say i’m happy with her decision and couldn’t be more excited that she is counting PC as lost and pressing onward toward the goal! Is it bad to say this?
Well I must also say that I am now a little jealous of her new toy because it’s better than my 3-plus year old G4 Powerbook.(which by the way is still plugging along just fine with no problems) I’ts cool though cause I get to play with it too. I sometimes wonder why people turn away from the truth, and then I remember that only God can turn a heart. So I just keep praying for those that have unbelief or have not been awakened to the glory that awaits them.

Why can’t i just drive a car?

•February 15, 2007 • 3 Comments

Why is it that with every car I’ve had it’s been a VW? Why is it that with each of those vw’s I can’t just drive it, i have to mod it? Custom wheels, exhaust, tinted windows, euro-parts that make them look way cooler than the standard American versions of these cars. So now that I have our new Jetta I am already having the desire to get different wheels when these tires wear out. You know cause i have to get new tires anyways, so I might as well get new wheels too right? Umm… Although I have seen these awesome Audi RS6 replica wheels that look awesome and are very cheap too. I don’t know why I love this so much. I already put a euro license plate on the front which by the way looks pretty sweet. I think I just like the fact that you can make a car look totally different and much cooler with just a few modifications. Would this be considered to be a man’s version of “decorating the house”?

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imgp1553.JPGWhat a great life huh? Yes that is what my little son Judah is thinking here I’m sure. It is really so cool having a son and just watching how much he has chnaged over the past 3 and half months. Wow! He is so fun to watch and play with and I’m really looking forward to when he will be running around like a little rug rat. Children truly are an absolute blessing from the Lord and I am so incredilbly honored to have Judah. It’s pretty sobering at the same time though because it is up to Havilah and me to be example and lead him into a life in God. Pretty awesome priviledge and responsiblity. The journey has begun and I intend to give all that I am to it!

Full of pride

•February 7, 2007 • 3 Comments

As I have been married now for a little over a year I have experienced some great and exciting things for sure. It has been an awesome first year for sure. We have had some great times as well as the birth of our first child; a little boy named Judah who is now 3 and a half months old and absolutely amazing! But I have also been challenged to the core of my being in the area of pride. I never really thought I had much pride before, and actually thought I was pretty humble. But after being married, the simple thing of not being on my own any more, not being single, having to be responsible and do what is best for my family instead of what I felt like doing was a real thing that I was faced with and it is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever been challenged with. I see my pride coming out all the time in ways that I hate so much. Pride is so easy to give in to. Pride is so easily manifested. In everyday life I find that I have so many opportunities to give into pride and selfish ambition, or I can choose humility and servanthood. The decision is mine. I want to choose humility and contend against pride. I want to be gentle, tender, sensitive and meek. All these traits are the complete opposite of the spirit of pride. They represent who Jesus truly is and what I am called to be. I have realized that it is going to take a focused, intentional effort and pursuit of humility and meekness. I cannot just magically attain it. I have to practice developing it through the life situations that come my way. I have had a lot burning on my heart concerning pride and what we are all called to in fighting against it and pursuing a life of humility. I hope to share more of this in the next week or so.

A Steady Heart

•February 5, 2007 • 1 Comment

How do I keep my heart steady? How do I maintain faithfulness in everything that i do? How do I live with a mindset of faithfulness, consistency, follow through, steadfastness? Why is it important? Well I’ll tell you why it’s important to me. Because I believe that there really is something to the phrase “Good and faithful servant”. I don’t think that is a statement to be taken lightly from the Lord. I believe that no matter what we are doing and no matter what God has called us to, if we are faithful and steadfast, continually placing everything we do before God as an offering he will honor this and truly say “well done good and faithful servant.” No matter how things change in life through the different seasons and challenges if I take everything that God has placed before me and do it all with excellence and faithfulness and gratefulness I know that i will experience great joy and satisfaction. Faithfulness is definately not over rated. Faithfulness is the best idea we could ever have and the best thing to pursue in this lifetime.